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Hello! 英語・語学のこと、さまざまなtopicを綴っております♩

touching & moving moments


Hello, and I hope that you are having good start of the week.  How are you?

It is becoming chilly morning and nights, so please do take care not having any cold.



On the weekend I took my time to visit one of the museums in Shonan area called Museum of modern art, Kamakura & Hayama, and it was really beautiful architecture as well as the exhibition being very interesting.

週末、湘南エリアに点在する美術館の一つ、神奈川県立近代美術館へ行ってきました。 建築がとても美しく、素晴らしい空間に感動しました。🔷

On the way I dropped by another tranquil temple in Kita-kamakura and because it is just before the autumn foliage, there were few tourists yet.




The exhibition was about the American artist & photographer known as Man Ray, and he worked widely and energetically both in Europe and the US throughout years of 1900.

展覧会は、欧州とアメリカで1900年代を通して活躍したアーティストのもので、マン・レイという写真家さん。 著名人との共同作品や、数々のマスターピースを残しています。 元々は東欧出身で、戦時下を逃れアメリカへ渡ったとか、経歴も中々興味深かったです。🎞 


In my childhood I and my sisters used to be taken to art museums often by the mum, and we had chances to see many real paintings or masterpieces of especially European continent.




There are also many wonderful museums in Tokyo and around Hakone;  I myself am not so good at sitting for a long time rather prefer doing something more active, however we bet that devoting in art should need enormous energy & concentration.

都内や箱根エリアもさまざまなart placesがありますし、自分はじっと座って何時間も手先を動かす作業は苦手なのですが(裁縫とか。。静より動かしら)、芸術にかけるエネルギーや没頭・集中力ってすごいものがあるなあと常々。